PokerStars is pleased that the Belastingdienst  (English: Dutch tax authorities) has withdrawn its appeal against the Amsterdam Court of Appeal ruling that a (Dutch) player can play on PokerStars.EU without paying tax on winnings.  This confirmation is great news for affected players who can play on PokerStars with the knowledge that the tax status of PokerStars.EU has been confirmed.

This ruling – which applies only to PokerStars.EU, and does not apply to online poker on competing online poker sites – recognises the fact that PokerStars provides services from within the EU.  Since this ruling only applies to PokerStars, and not to online poker in general, we cannot make any comment on the situations that apply to competing poker sites.

If you want expert or specific advice about how this ruling affects you as an individual, we strongly recommend that you consult a tax expert.  As you can appreciate, PokerStars is an online poker operator, and is not in a position to provide taxation advice to individuals.  Nothing in this email should be considered to be tax advice.