Tax procedural law

Tax advisors and lawyers. A combination at Taxwise Lawyers which guarantees you solid substantive and procedural knowledge.

Achieving more
We often achieve more because we make a thorough diagnosis of your case from the very beginning. Quickly and accurately investigate the formal aspects and arrive at a clear plan of campaign. Moreover, we always include alternative solutions. A method which is also appreciated by other service providers. They regularly ask Taxwise for a second opinion.

Alert with additional levies
Are you about to have your books examined? We’re at your side in every contact with the Inland Revenue. We know exactly what the regulations are to which the tax authorities have to conform. Is it going to end in objection and appeal cases? Litigation is our discipline. We do it effectively and, if necessary, at daggers drawn.

Thorough preliminary analysis
Perhaps you haven’t previously crossed swords with the Inland Revenue, but are nervous about future additional levies? We minimise your risks by a thorough analysis of your administration and annual accounts beforehand.

Penalty or penal law
Apart from additional levies the Inland Revenue can impose penalties or decide to instigate penal proceedings. In these cases you don’t want the outcome to depend on a substantive additional levy. As keen tax lawyers we are aware of the particular requirements involved. Thus with our expertise we are often able at an early stage to avoid penalties or prosecution.

Advisor and lawyer
The Taxwise professionals are both tax advisors and lawyers: a cast-iron combination, since in practice  tax law and civil law have a good deal of common ground. You can also count on us if the Inland Revenue resorts to coercion to collect tax debts and penalties. Our specialists can help to prevent possible serious consequences such as seizure, bankruptcy or personal liability.