Tax advise

To optimise your tax position. Effective and accessible. That’s our goal. From general manager/majority shareholder and high net wealth individual to internationally oriented enterprises.

Practical solutions
Our clients attach great importance to practical, made-to-measure solutions. That’s best achieved if we can establish a basis of mutual trust as quickly as possible. Wherever possible Taxwise helps your enterprise to progress. From the start to the successive steps we chart the bottlenecks and give creative thought to all possible solutions. You get quick, clear insight into how to deal with the underexposed aspects of your operations. So that you can get more out of your enterprise. Naturally we also go thoroughly into all the related legal questions which apply to your personal situation.

Always up-to-date
To be in the vanguard and always up-to-date. We see that as our mission. So we follow closely all the legal developments, verdicts and changes in the law. It not only makes us frequently requested opinion leaders for national media. It also enables us to be better advisers.

Broad expertise
Through our breadth of expertise we can answer the most diverse tax or entrepreneurial questions. Whether it’s a matter of wage tax or corporate income tax. Of turnover tax or transfer tax. You can turn to us for expert help. For instance, we can carry out due diligence enquiries prior to an acquisition or a merger. Naturally we are also happy to help if you need tax and legal advice in connection with the acquisition or structuring of real estate.

Where this can lead to added value, we collaborate with other service providers. As all-round advisors we can, for instance, support your accountant in dealing with the tax situation in the annual accounts. Or we can help your lawyer with a takeover and reorganisation.

As an entrepreneur you want to look beyond national frontiers? We’ll be happy to look over your shoulder. You can also take advantage of our extensive experience in setting up international projects. For example in the field of Intellectual Property or financing. Our tax advisors regularly conclude Advance Tax Rulings (ATR) and Advance Pricing Agreements (APA) or agreements with the Dutch tax authorities. If you emigrate, we see to your safe establishment.